The Block Runner

102. TBR - Bitcoin Dream is Dead, Trump Impeached Twice & The Million Dollar Bitcoin

January 14, 2021

We take a step back and reflect on the current events happening within the world and how much of it impacts the price of Bitcoin. There are many factors in the economy that impact the price of cryptocurrencies. As we surpass a major milestone of $1 trillion collective market cap we are beginning to turn a tide with institutions. Trump being impeached twice will how ramifications for the crypto industry with the future being even more uncertain. We discuss whether or not the Bitcoin dream is actually dead or if its a click bait title. How will humanity adjust to a multi-million dollar Bitcoin? Will countries construct their own cryptocurrency that's pegged to Bitcoin? Finally we measure retail investor involvement in crypto.


  1. First up, Trump Gets Impeached Twice and What that Means for Bitcoin
  2. Next, The Bitcoin Dream is Dead?
  3. Then, How Will Humanity Adapt to a Mult-Million Dollar Bitcoin?
  4. And Finally, Find out if The Retail Investors are in the Market yet.

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

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