The Block Runner

103. TBR - Will You Become a Bitcoin Champion?

January 21, 2021

We transition from President Trump to President Biden we anticipated a lot of friction during the inauguration, but nothing happened. This is good news as we're able to continue evaluating where the crypto market goes with what could be far less distractions. We also experiment with short form content on Youtube to test out a few assumptions and it seems to be gaining more traction. We discuss why blockchains need to merge onto a single network in order to sustain a larger audience. The world's money in a visualization helps bring perspective at how small cryptocurrency industry actually is. Finally, the derivatives market is so large no one really knows how big it is, but cryptocurrency projects are beginning to tackle this market which could bring significant amount of attention to the space.


  1. First up, Why Blockchains Need to Merge to a Single Network
  2. Next, Will the New Administration Affect the Cryptocurrency Industry?
  3. Then, How Big is the Cryptocurrency Industry?
  4. Finally, The Crypto Market Tackles the Derivatives Market.

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