The Block Runner

104. TBR - Bitcoin $200K, Wall Street Bets, GameStop Rise, YouTube Likes Click Bait

January 28, 2021

Today we learned that Robin Hood and many other brokers prevented the free trade of buying GameStop stock and many other meme stocks in order to satisfy hedge funds losing their shirts. We discuss the huge implications of this, potentially a class action lawsuit, and how Bitcoin and Ethereum will usher in a new wave of users as a result. Injective Capital has built a decentralized futures trading platform prevents corruption. We debrief over a Risk Tokenizing Protocol in Barn Bridge.


  1. First up, What Does GameStop Mania Have to Do with Crypto?
  2. Next, We Look at a Decentralized Futures Platform
  3. Then, We Debrief on Barn Bridge
  4. and Finally, Why Click Bait is Standard on Youtube

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

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