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108. TBR - How I lost a $288,000 NFT

February 27, 2021

There is a sector in the crypto space exploding with innovation and that is a decentralized cross chain apps that allow you to swap tokens that are on different chains. To name a few crosschain swapping apps include, AnySwap, Zero Exchange, Anti Matter just to name a few. Beeple has a new NFT at the Christie auction going for a current bid of $2.4 million of his first 5,000 Everydays. If you don't know about Beeple, he has posted a new piece of art everyday for the last 10 years. Beeple also sold a Trump NFT for $6.6 million, clearly there is a huge opportunity with NFTs. The metaverse is getting swept under the rug for the most part in the NFT mania, but the metaverse like Decentraland has a unique value proposition for NFTs. With the metaverse, you can turn a DEX like Uniswap into an NFT! This is the ultimate form of composability.


  1. First up, There's a DEX war forming, find out why.
  2. Next, NFTs are in the middle of a Mania, what is next in the space?
  3. Then, Beeple just sold an NFT for a record $6.6 million
  4. Finally, The metaverse enables a unique value proposition for the whole NFT space.

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