The Block Runner

110. TBR - A.I. & Blockchain, U.S. Supports Crypto, Polkadot Project Emerges from Stealth

March 13, 2021

Bitcoin on a major run right now on its way to the inevitable $100K prediction, but are we in a super cycle that could propel Bitcoin to beyond the prediction? We use technical analysis to try to predict where it could actually end up. An Ohio Representative provides regulatory clarity that shows favorable conditions for cryptocurrencies. This is great news if you're an American dealing with unfavorable conditions. Artificial Intelligence is getting a lot of interesting applications in the blockchain space. Find out how AI can supplement the DAO in running an organization. A stealth organization has emerged giving a rise to a relatively new governance model. ZeigesitPM attempts to use prediction markets as a sentiment indicator for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.


  1. First up, Bitcoin on a Major Turning Point, Find out where its headed.
  2. Next, the United States turns favorable to Cryptocurrencies.
  3. Then, How important is AI on Blockchain?
  4. Finally, A new Stealth project launches, and why you should care

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