The Block Runner

95. TBR - DeFi Bull Run Round 2 Inbound, Yearn, Sushi, Keep3r, Cover & WOZX

December 10, 2020

We take a step back to gain perspective on the DeFi space. There's an all time high in locked liquidity at $14 billion and we correlate the last DeFi bull run with the all time high GAS prices. Yearn Finance leads the DeFi race at the moment and the founder Andre Cronje has created an ecosystem to keep an eye on. One of those ecosystem projects is called Keep3r Network is one protocol gaining traction. Finally we end with a discussion on Steve Wozniak's splash in the cryptocurrency space with Efforce token.


  1. First up, DeFi at $14B and counting and GAS is a signal of the next bull run
  2. Next, Founder of Yearn Finance and it's ecosystem is growing.
  3. Then, We dive into Keep3r Network
  4. And Finally, Wozniak splashes into the Cryptocurrency space.

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

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