The Block Runner

99. TBR - MetaZone Reaches 3MM Mana, Fewocious Art Drop, Cover Protocol Vulnerability

December 29, 2020

On podcast episode 99 we discuss the inevitable rise of Bitcoin to the projected price of $100,000. There are two models in particular that Bitcoin seems to follow and that's the non-linear regression curve as well as stock-to-flow ratio. After 10 months of operation we're happy to announce 3 million in mana processed through MetaZone! Over 2 million has been sent to creators as we collectively build the metaverse together. Fewocious drops NFTs on Niftygateway. Finally Cover Protocol gets exploited by Grap Finance and returns the funds!


  1. First up, MetaZone reaches 3 million MANA in sales
  2. Next, Crypto Artist Fewocious drops NiftyGateway art
  3. Then, Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow while Ethereum Lags
  4. Finally, Cover Protocol gets a vulnerability exploited.

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

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